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Why NOW is the time to invest in whisky

There is an alternative choice to stocks and shares, and it’s one you'll regret not having done sooner.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Markets have never been more challenging.

  • Deciding where to focus and why is overwhelming.
  • Hedging against inflation and recession is essential but gold, crypto and other alternative assets haven’t performed as expected.
  • It’s harder than ever to keep your money safe.
  • Small minimum investment, no maximum.
  • Absolute transparency throughout the process
  • Globally recognised alternative asset

A simple, elegant solution.

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Why whisky?

Whisky investment has garnered buzz for the high returns, exemption from capital gains and, of course, the chance to indulge in rare, sumptuous spirits.

Buyers looking to diversify their portfolio by acquiring whisky can do so in either cask or bottle format. Each offers unique advantages to buyers including significant profit margins as they age.

  • Rare Whisky has been the top performer (+1,089% since Dec’08), followed by Burgundy 150 (+787% since Dec’03) and Champagne 50 (+611% since Dec’03)*
Whisky vs other Indices

Data from Liv-Ex / Knight Frank Report
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Market Demand

Global whisky sales are growing, with American and Irish varieties growing ahead of the more stoic Scotch whisky market.

  • American whisky is projected to have a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 9.64%, reaching $20.6 billion by 2029
  • The global Irish whiskey market was valued at USD 5.2 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% to a forecasted market value of $7 Billion by 2028 
  • Scotch malt whisky is projected to increase by  5.9% to a market value of $5.3 Billion

Whisky Market Value

Data from:, and
Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Why Whisky appreciates over time.

Rare Bottles


Whisky is made in very limited quantities, meaning that rarity can play a significant role in price performance. For example, The Private Macallan Private Eye was put on general release at £36 per bottle. It was released in an edition of 5,000 bottles. Each bottle was individually numbered. Today, bottles of Macallan Private Eye are selling at auction for £9500-10500

classic bottles

Age of Bottles

The age of a particular bottle of whisky can heavily influence the price. Typically, quality older bottles of whisky are worth considerably more as the bottles are consumed and less are in circulation

Whisky cask investment

Market Demand

The emerging middle and upper classes in countries like China and India have helped increase demand globally. Worldwide demand is growing by triple digits according to Forbes, Knight Frank and other sources.

Some of our recent Cask choices

Dalmore 2012 Whisky Cask

Dalmore 2012 Single Malt
7 years old


24 months



Highland Park Whisky Cask

Highland Park HHD
18 years old


24 months



Macallan Whisky Cask

Macallan Single malt Sherry butt 29 years old


36 months



Some Of Our Recent Bottle Choices

Bowmore - 42 Year Old 1964 - Black Bowmore The Trilogy​

Bowmore - 42 Year Old 1964 - Black Bowmore The Trilogy


12 months




Chichibu 2011 Intergalactic Series Edition 2


8 months



Macallan Distil Your World London 57.5%


12 months



Benefits Of Whisky Investing

Price appreciation is not the only benefit to whisky investing.

Moving a portion of your wealth into whisky can be a smart move for other reasons.

Worldwide demand is growing

Global demand is growing by double digits in many parts of the world where whisky is just being discovered and new, increasingly affluent consumers are keen to buy them.

Inflation/recession resistant

Whisky prices are a function of supply and demand. Supply is monitored by the law as the yields of every appellation are strictly defined. Every time a bottle of whisky is consumed, the price of the highly sought-after remaining bottles increases.

Tax efficient

Whisky is considered a wasting asset which means that it can be exempt from capital gains. Further, investors who keep their whisky in Licensed Bonded Warehouses can avoid paying VAT and duty.

Low correlation

Research suggests that whisky has a 0.03% correlation to the stock market. The whisky market has survived every recession since 1929 and, in fact, has grown as an industry constantly over time.

Where Tomoka comes in

Our goal is to make whisky investing accessible to all. Our expert team, have been curating an enviable whisky collection for our clients, including some of the world’s finest and rarest casks and bottless, revolutionising the way collectors interact with this unique market.

Tomoka Fine and Rare provide a personalised advisory service for both newcomers and experienced whisky collectors.

Clients can choose to rely on our expertise to guide them all the way or, alternatively, take a more active role in their whisky portfolio.

Tomoka clients also have access to exclusive tasting events and distillery tours throughout the year.

How it works

You can be as hands off or as hands on as you like.

We want to make your relationship with Tomoka Fine and Rare an amazing experience at every level.

We will keep things simple and transparent at all times.

Step 1

Arrange a meeting with your dedicated portfolio manager

Step 2

Your portfolio manager will curate a whisky portfolio based on your financial goals

Step 3

We will deal with complete storage and insurance for you so there is no hassle.

Step 4

You can track your investment with our mobile app, and buy and sell at the click of a button.

Step 5

Choose to collect your profits or invest further

Here is an Idea of How Much Profit You Can Make*

Medium Term Wealth Generation​



In Five years

Potentially up to £101,242
Potentially up to £201,136

Long Term Wealth Generation



In fifteen years

Potentially up to £670,961
Potentially up to £813,706

*Results based on past performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Get Started

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tomoka Family!

Expect a response within 24 hours

We will be in touch within 24 hours

Tomoka has the good fortune to deal with some of the most exclusive clientele in the world. Which is why we take your privacy very seriously. Tomoka will never sell, share or disclose your information.

Our London Store

Tomoka Fine and Rare have new flagship store in the infamous Royal Exchange in the City of London. Although it’s been less than seven months since we opened the new shop we have already been finalists at the Drinks Business awards 2022 for “Independent Retailer”.

Tomoka Fine and Rare has a passion for all spirits, we believe in educating our audience and take them on a journey with every product we sell. We work really hard to source new brands that we can bring to our customers which have great flavour and unique stories, created by amazing people.

As a small business we feel its essential to bring equally small brands to our shops, this dedication to our ethos means we can set ourselves apart from our competition.

Visit us at: Unit 2-3, The Royal Exchange, Cornhill, London EC3V 3LL

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